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Sharing Dinner & Living Longer!

Mar 26,2024 | Sara Lo

According to several studies, they found adding 20% raw or fresh food to your dogs ultra processed diet can significantly reduce inflammatory markers…”.
- Rodney Habib author of Forever Dog -

Through our years as a fresh dog food manufacturer, we realised one thing: the food you eat today, is the medicine you won’t need to take tomorrow. 

If you want to impact your dog's health in a positive way, it doesn’t have to be something that makes you go out of your way to make. Back in the day, when dogs lived longer lives, they lived off table scraps. Why did they live so long? Partly because they were on a diet of fresh food. Farm to plate. The tests are also more stringent for human grade food, because it’s meant for human consumption.  Which means, maximum nutrients!

In this day and age, our furkids have become a furry extension of the family. Loved and spoilt by all. So it’s important to maximise their shorter lives with us. Adding an element of fresh to their processed kibble is a great way to get your dog into fresh food. Not only is it so beneficial to their general health, its easy to do!

Whatever you have going at home on the stove for dinner (make sure to do your research so that the ingredients are species appropriate) can be easily added to your dogs diet. For example, if you’re cooking a mixed vegetable dish for your family that involve some carrots, peas or leafy greens, add some of that to your dogs diet before you add in salt or sauce for human tastebuds. If you have a processor and some extra time, mash the veg up for easier absorption. Why not go the extra mile? If youre cooking carrots choose a real carrot for them to snack on, over a chew hide where you’re not exactly sure, whats in it. Its all about knowing where changes can be made, easily.

So the first thing you can start doing, is adding an element of YOUR fresh food into your dogs food and go from there. In this instance, sharing, really is caring. And if you’re ever in a pinch, we are here to help support your dogs diet with our freshly cooked and balanced meals at www.doggybag.com.my

Paws Out!