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Genetics loads the Gun. Lifestyle pulls the trigger.

Jun 24,2024 | Sara Lo

Dogs of overweight owners were found to be over three times more likely to be obese, according to a startling statistic from the National Institute of Health. This emphasizes the fact that obesity is not limited to humans - our pets can also be affected.

One of our concerned customers reached out to us recently about her overweight dog struggling with a special dry kibble diet. Providing meals with high protein and fiber content is essential to keep these pets satisfied, but what if they refuse to eat?

Here at Doggybag, we have a solution. Some of our meals are formulated to help your furry friend with weight management. However…

…Food is not the only aspect to consider. Exercise is crucial. A study from Britain revealed that dog owners are four times more likely to meet daily activity guidelines. If your dog is struggling with weight issues, it might be time to evaluate your own habits as well. By staying active together, you can both shed those extra pounds and improve overall health.

Remember, maintaining good health is not just about what you eat - staying active is equally important, for you and for your dog.