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Custom Diets for Dogs?

Jun 24,2024 | Sara Lo

Dealing with any kind of disease is hard. When customers come to us for alternatives in dog meals due to an illness that their dog is suffering from, the first thing we embark on is a deep dive search on the matter. While we are not veterinary professionals (and any change of diets should be discussed with your vet), our expertise lies in nutrition and the profound impact of utilising fresh, high-quality, human grade ingredients, to benefit our fur friends.

For example, we can help custom a diet for struvite crystals through the incorporation of moisture-rich, alkaline components. We currently manage a few dogs with kidney issues using low-phosphorus alternatives etc. We can offer tailored solutions to a variety of health conditions. 

Because of this, we have had the honour of collaborating with a handful of veterinarians that are open to the fresh food concept. We work with them to modify a diet that is both safe and advantageous for your furkids. Our focus is simple. When dealing with a disease, it’s important to create a diet that supports optimal health and vitality, through the use of high quality protein, limited ingredients and minimal fuss. 

The main goal is to work with our customers to formulate a plan for their dog's health with our guidance and knowledge in whole foods to keep them happy and healthy for as long as possible.